“Smart investing in the digital age means going beyond “Where do I invest?” to “How do I invest?” The answer to both is tech; and using it to process the complexities of the market into funneled decisions is key to first mover wins.”

Vishal Uttam - Founder

The CCIX Way

Data Optimization

With the capabilities of our business advisory and underwriting partners, we are able to employ an intelligent framework that simplifies investment decisions. Backed by data science based on econometric inputs, it combines top-down and bottom-up analyses to yield a well-rounded, realistic approach to asset selection.

Innovations & Solutions that Deliver Best Value

Our strategic partnerships enable us to challenge and disrupt traditional investment approaches through proprietary algorithms and intelligent solutions designed to harness transformative global trends and deliver optimal investor outcomes.

The CCIX Advantage

Focus. Our depth of knowledge and movement in the digital asset and fintech sectors uncovers a stream of best-in-class investment opportunities.

Agility. Our multi-sectoral team and network of partners combined with our exceptional connectivity to top decile deal flows afford us tremendous adaptability. This lets us seize opportunities as they arise and gain first mover advantage.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise. By leveraging our team's and our partner networks' unique mix of technical and operating knowledge and financial markets experience, we are able to provide a thoughtful approach to investments.

Collaboration from our Network. Leveraging a strong network throughout the blockchain, digital currency, VC, and start-up ecosystems, we gain early access to pre-IPO and pre-ICO opportunities with outstanding growth potential.

Vishal Uttam


Vishal is a serial techpreneur well-versed in converging and emerging tech. He advocates innovation and entrepreneurship as catalysts for elevating the human experience and pushing the boundaries of its potential. An angel investor active in venture capital and in new venture development, he has successfully launched VC funds for various blockchain-based initiatives across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He also founded Veloquence Capital, a venture capital company championing visionary founders who share his energy and passion for ideas that can change the world. Its areas of focus cover: fintech; connectivity; the future of work, living, and learning; health and wellness; space and frontier tech.