“Solutions-focused investing taps into the potential of tech in fueling both miniscule and monumental shifts in how we see, value, and do things that otherwise go unquestioned in our daily lives. It’s about funding the future.”

Vishal Uttam - Founder

What we do

CCIX Global is a global investment management firm providing sought-after access to best-in-class and top decile investment opportunities for individual and institutional investors.

A valued partner in pursuing investment success in a tech-powered economy, CCIX Global is focused on the rapidly evolving digital asset and technology sectors.

Investment Sectors

Fintech. We seek out emerging global trends in fintech and are well-positioned to capture attractive investment vehicles and solutions for our clientele in this fast-growing sector.

Digital Currency Technology. We develop smart solutions for a diversified portfolio of digital currencies, using proprietary algorithmic trading to maximize returns.

Early Stage Investments. Our portfolio boasts exciting early ventures with clear paths to growth, through transformative, next-generation digital infrastructure and technology.


Asset Management. With tenured experience managing capital across traditional and alternative asset classes, the CCIX Global team builds and manages quality digital asset products on behalf of our clients.

Principal Investments. We provide access to first-rate investment deal flows in early-stage ventures, digital assets, and other opportunities in various tech sectors.

Advisory Services. Our expanded advisory services team brings over 20 years of consulting experience across industries including: blockchain, consumer products, VC enterprises, and entertainment; alongside expertise in accounting, operational advisory, tax strategy, and tech services. This enables us to mazimize the value of our clients’ propitious financial ventures.